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International Projects

Project Home Children's Foundation has provided training and brought supplies to teachers, schools, and orphanages for children with special needs in Ethiopia, Uganda, India and China. 



Several of Project Home's board members have gone to Ethiopia, China, and Uganda to provide training for teachers and therapists. The trainings have included TouchMath, multi-sensory teaching strategies, transition strategies, and many other topics. Often, the special education teachers in Africa have no special education training. They are hungry to learn all they can about how to better educate their students. We have even heard stories about how teachers in Uganda are now training other teachers to use the TouchMath strategies.



Project Home has brought supplies to the Kampala School for the Physically Handicapped on numerous trips to Uganda. We have given them equipment for their hydrotherapy program. The students love being able to swim in the water, and the equipment we brought them has made this possible. Treatments and exercises are performed while floating or partially submerged in water.


Project Home has also brought hygiene supplies such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, and lotion, and classroom supplies such as markers, educational posters, paper, laminator and laminating sheets, and many other needed items.


Educational Material


Project Home has received generous donations from TouchMath and other educational companies. These materials were brought to China, Ethiopia, and Uganda. The teachers in these countries have very limited supplies and were so amazed by this wonderful gift. They even started replicating the materials for their classrooms.

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