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Ministry Partner

In 2016 we formed a ministry partnership with Sports Outreach Institute (SOI). The mission of SOI is to identify and train committed Christian leadership in the effective use of sports ministry, in the spreading of the Gospel message, and in alleviating human suffering. We will be supporting the new Kampala Ministry Center located in Uganda. The center has eight children's homes full of orphans that previously lived on the street. We are excited to be part of this great ministry.

The Queen of Katwe

"From living in the streets in the slums of Katwe to learning chess in a Sports Outreach Institute missionary program to becoming one of her nation’s top chess players competing in international competitions, Phiona Mutesi has come a long way from the 9-year old girl who came for a cup of porridge. The subject of dozens of media stories and a book, “The Queen of Katwe,” which has now been made into a Disney movie. Phiona is an inspiration to millions, and especially to girls in a nation where girls are particularly marginalized.

Despite all of Phiona’s recognition and “success” as many call it, she has always kept her focus on God, family and friends. Phiona has said many times, she recognizes how blessed her life has become because of chess and how she wants to open the doors of opportunity for other girls and women.

It is amazing to see how Phiona has so quickly progressed from student to teacher and child to mentor; she is a true example of hope in Uganda." 


Watch the trailer to the Disney movie below. In theaters September 2016.

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